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Hello there! I find immense joy in crafting simple 2D animations. I enjoy this creative process of  visual storytelling. I believe that the simplicity of 2D animations not only communicates stories effectively but also enhances our imaginative strength. I use animated sequences to convey emotions, messages, and transport viewers into imaginative worlds. Hope you enjoy these tiny animations I created !


‘Blackman’ was a phenomenon which created a huge scare in residential areas of Malabar region during the Covid lockdown. Natives started to spot villainous forms at day and night at various places. The police finally arrested the culprits who cause the scare and the mystery of Blackman was resolved. This is a mother’s narration in native malabar slang ,trying to answer her daughter’s curious question on “What is Blackman?” Hope you enjoy this attempt !

Bade Ache laghte hein

An ode to the Hindi classic song 'Bade Ache laghte hein' ( 'I like it very  much' ) composed by R D Burman.

Goat Ride

I had fun creating this short animation. It is inspired from a real life scene and tried experimenting with shapes and colours to compose the frame.

The Boat of thoughts

An animation which showcases wandering thoughts in someone's head similar to a sailing boat. As the sailing boat glides through the vast expanse of imagination, it dives into memories, dreams, and aspirations. 

Poking Clouds

An animation which shows the urge to poke and break the rain loaded clouds :)

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