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Ponni and the Goat

( Children's Book )

Ponni and Goat is a delightful children's book designed for youngsters aged five and above, or for parents to enjoy reading to their little ones. The book comprises ten short stories featuring the endearing characters Ponni, a child, and her lovable pet goat. Set against the backdrop of a serene rural environment, each tale unfolds through innocent conversations between Ponni and the goat as they explore their surroundings and share fun filled moments.

The heartwarming stories are crafted to leave readers with a sense of joy and contentment. The minimalist features of the characters were intentionally designed for easy recognition, adding to the book's accessibility for young readers. The book was originally written in Malayalam, and the process of translating it into English is currently underway.The process of creating and illustrating these stories proved to be an enjoyable journey, allowing for the exploration of character design ideas. Maintaining consistency in the characters posed a challenge. However, the efforts paid off when Ponni and Goat received a warm reception from both parents and children during its showcase at the Indie Comics Fest 2023. It was such a joy creating this book !

Ponni and Friends
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